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April 21, 2019
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Buyer's Guide

1. How to bid:

    Once you find the book you want to buy, you may place a bid using the form at the bottom of the book's item description page. The minimum amount you can bid will already be filled in. You may bid this much, or you may increase the amount to whatever you want to pay.

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2. Tips for Buyers

  • Once you bid on a book, make sure to check back every day until the auction ends. There is always a chance that someone will outbid you. Use My BookBay to keep track of the books you are bidding on.

  • A good bid is usually not the minimum bid. If someone sees you have made the smallest bid, they will probably out-bid you. Enter a bid that you think is good for your budget, but at the same time will make someone else think twice about trying to pay more than you.

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3. What happens when I win an auction?

    We will send you the seller's contact info (email address, phone number). We will also send your info to the seller. Then, BookBay drops out of the picture. IT IS UP TO THE BUYER AND THE SELLER to contact each other, arrange a place to meet, and make the exchange.

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