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March 23, 2019
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General Questions

1. Registration

    You must sign up in order to sell or bid on books. Use the New User Signup page to get your BookBay account today!

    1.a. Does it Cost Anything to Sign Up?

      NO! BookBay registration is absolutely FREE (hey, we know how low a college student's funds can get!). The only cost you'll have to pay is for any books that you buy.

    1.b. How do I sign up?

      Signing up to use BookBay is quick and easy! Just go over to our New User Signup page, fill out the form, and start buying and selling instantly!

      Filling out the Registration Form

      • First Name: Your first name.

      • Last Name: Your last name.

      • Address: Entering your address is optional. By entering it, you enable a buyer or seller to see where you live. This could be helpful when determining where you want to meet to exchange the money for the book.

      • Phone Number: Enter your phone number. A buyer or seller may prefer contacting you by phone, instead of through email.

      • Email: Enter your email address. Make sure this is valid, as this is the primary way BookBay and possible buyers or sellers will contact you! You will be sent an activation code to this email address when you sign up - you must be able to recieve this activation code in order to activate your account, so make sure you enter your email address correctly!

      • Desired User Name: Choose a name to login to BookBay with. It must be between 3 and 15 characters.

      • Desired Password: Choose a combination of numbers and letters that you will remember but that no one else will be able to guess.

      • Confirm Password: Enter the same password again, just to be sure.

    1.c: Why do I need to sign up?

      In order to keep track of what auction items belong to who, we require you to enter some info about yourself. You'll be given a login name and a password, so that you can bid and/or check the status of your own auctions.

    1.d: Will the info I submit be secure?

      Yes. We use a secure database to store your information. And we won't give out your info to anyone.

    1.e: Once I sign up, how do I change my information?

      Use the Account Settings page if you ever want to change your password, email, phone, or address information.

2. Searching

    2.a. Search Tips

    • If you're not sure about the exact info of the book you are looking for, start by searching for the subject you think it would be classified under. This is the best and most popular way to search. Since "Subject" is required when selling a book, every book should be classified under (hopefully) it's proper subject.

    • Just because your search doesn't return the book you are looking for, don't give up. Someone may be selling the book under a different subject or class name. Try the next tip.

    • If you leave all fields blank, the search will return ALL the books in the database. This is the best way to browse all the books being offered.

3. What is QuickBuy?

    Quickbuy Icon = QuickBuy Item
    When you see the QuickBuy icon next to a listing or see a QuickBuy price listed on an item page, you have a special opportunity to get that item right away without waiting for an auction-style listing to end.

    Sellers: When selling a book, change the "Enable QuickBuy" option to YES. You can then enter the price for which you wish to sell the book. Sellers on BookBay generally make the QuickBuy price slightly higher then the auction start price, to compensate for the fact that an auction may make you more money.
    Example: Joe lists his accounting book on Bookbay. He makes the Initial auction start price $20. He enables QuickBuy, and makes the Quickbuy price $22.

    Buyers: If the item you wish to buy has the QuickBuy icon next to it, you can purchase the book immediately. The QuickBuy option disappears after the first bid is made on an item, so make sure to act quickly if you want to use QuickBuy.
    Using QuickBuy is easy: When you click the QuickBuy option, you will be forwarded to a confirmation page. Confirm you want to buy the book. QuickBuy will end the auction and close the listing, and you will be given the seller's contact information to make the final cash-for-book exchange.

4. Who are those cool guys behind the scenes at Bookbay?

    Dan, Nate, Luke, and Stan... Four guys who are tired of paying such high prices at the University Bookstore. Four guys who want to make a difference. Four guys who... well, four guys who just want an A in our Software Engineering course here at Ship.

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