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April 17, 2019
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Seller's Guide

1. Putting a book up for auction:

    It's easy to put one of your textbooks up for auction. Use the Sell a Book page and fill out the form there. Your book will be put up for auction immediately.

1.a. Filling out the 'Sell a Book' Form

    On the Sell a Book page, you will be given the opportunity to fill out information about the book you want to sell. Below is a description of each field.

    • Book Title: Enter the entire title of the book.

    • Book Author: Enter the book's author(s).

    • Subject: Use the drop-down menu to choose the subject that the book is about.

    • Class and/or Professor: Enter the class you had to buy the book for. Entering the professor that taught the class can also be helpful.

    • ISBN Number: Usually located on one of the front pages, near the copyright information.

    • BookStore Price: Enter the price you bought the book for. This will give a prospective buyer a basis to judge how good your offer is.

    • Condition: Choose the condition that best suits the book you are selling.

    • Initial Price: Enter the starting price for the book. This will be the lowest price a person can pay for your book. As the auction goes on, it can only go up!

    • Auction Time: Enter the amount of time (1, 2, or 3 weeks) you would like your auction to last. A shorter amount of time means you can finish the auction and get the money fast. A longer amount of time gives the possibility of more people bidding on your book and consequently paying you more. The choice is yours.

    • Description: Enter anything else (condition of the book, whether you payment in all pennies, etc) that you think would be important for the buyer to know.

1.b. Tips for Sellers

  • The best time to sell is a couple weeks before the end of the semester. By this time, most people know what classes they will need for the following semester, so they will be checking BookBay for the right books at that time.

  • Enter as much information about the book as possible. The more info you give, the more responses you will get to your auction.

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2. What happens when someone wins my auction?

    We will send you the buyer's contact info (email address, phone number). We will also send your info to the buyer. Then, BookBay drops out of the picture. IT IS UP TO THE BUYER AND THE SELLER to contact each other, arrange a place to meet, and make the exchange.

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3. What happens if I don't sell my book?

    If you don't sell it the first time, you can put it up for auction again! Keep offering it until someone buys it. The amount you sell it for will be worth the wait!

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