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News... and more. Get all the latest news, insights, gossip, gripes, and events going on around Ship... Make sure to check back often for new postings!
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Looking for bloggers
By: Skywalker  (Jan 14 2008,  05:35:06 am)
Ship Underground is looking for bloggers again this semester to write about their Shippensburg experiences. You can write about almost anything you want, as long as it relates to Ship... dorm life, local music, freshman perspectives are all past topics that have been written about.... or come up with something new!

If interested, Contact the ShipUG webmaster and we'll give you all the details.. http://www.shipunderground.com/contact.php
Category : Anything | Comments [453]
An American Tale
By: Skywalker  (Nov 29 2005,  05:11:02 am)
So today I went to lunch with my friend, Lisa. Aside from some friendly banter and an interesting conversation about sex (another story for another day), nothing much of significance was going on.

As the lunch went on, however, I felt an underlying tension that was slowly getting more and more noticeable. I noticed that she was starting to fidget with her napkin. She wouldn't meet my eyes; instead she stared at my tray. Her words were becoming strained. She was fighting some irresistible urge that just couldn't and wouldn't be bottled up....

Finally, near the end of lunch, she came out with it:

"Are you going to just throw away those ketchup packets?"

...Huh? I looked down and noticed that I hadn't used 3 of the maybe 7 packets of ketchup that I had picked up at the counter.

Now, I've had my fair share of experiences with the strange quirks of women, and I know that at times like these, the best advice to follow is this: sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

This was one of those times.

"Absolutely," I said, and she scowled. "You're such an American," she said accusingly.

Damn, that one hurt. I tried to think of a comeback to use against someone from the heart of the midwest, with blonde hair, green eyes, and who had two unused napkins sitting on her tray, ready to be thrown away. Strangely, nothing came to mind....

I was in a compromising mood, however, so I offered her this:

"Tell you what... I'll throw two packets away, and return one to the counter."

No deal. She wasn't buying it. After a few more exchanges, it was time to go back to work.

I felt her eyes on me as I approached the trash can. I picked one packet up, made sure she could see it, then dropped the rest of the packets into the trash can.

To make a long story short, I don't think she'll have much to say to me for a little while... but I think the friendship will survive. I returned the one packet to the counter (mostly out of curiosity to see what the people behind it would do), and got some strange looks. I'm convinced that as soon as I turned my back, they dug it out of the bucket and threw it away anyway.

I've always thrown extra packets away. But I know some people keep them, take them home, frame them, or whatever else makes them feel like they didn't waste it. (See: Ketchup Packet Museum)

Maybe I'm in the minority here. Am I the villain? What do you do with your unused ketchup packets? Yes, this is important stuff.
Category : Food | Comments [315]
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Looking for bloggers
An American Tale
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