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April 17, 2019
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Restaurant Guide
Welcome to Ship Underground's Restaurant Guide, where Shippensburg residents can find out where in the community the best places are to eat! Simply click a restaurant below to read about it!

Featured Restaurant
Featured Market Cross Pub and Inn
41.7% thumbs up     58.3% thumbs down     (12 votes)

105 West King Street
Shippensburg, PA
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Recently Rated
1. Goody's Restaurant (Nov 21)
2. Knute's Pub and Grill (Jul 11)
3. Diffy's (Oct 09)
4. Goody's Restaurant (Oct 06)
5. Goody's Restaurant (Apr 08)

Restaurant Listing
Choose a Restaurant to read its reviews:
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All Restaurants
1. Burger King
2. McDonald's
3. Sheetz
4. Subway
5. The Treat
6. Wendy's

1. China Buffet
2. China Inn
3. Chinatown Kitchen
4. Main Moon/Great Wall Buffet
5. Meilin's House

1. CUB
2. Kriner Dining Hall
3. Reisner Dining Hall
1. Brother's Pizza
2. Papa John's
3. Pizza 'n Stuff
4. Pizza House
5. Pizza Hut
6. Pizza Man
7. Ristorante Alfredo Pizza

1. HotPoint Inn
2. Knute's Pub and Grill
3. Market Cross Pub and Inn
4. Maxies
5. Orky's
6. Wibs
1. Applebee's
2. Before & After Cafe
3. Diffy's
4. Goody's Restaurant
5. Italian Village
6. Lighthouse Restaurant
7. Mallard's Restaurant
8. Pharo's Truck Stop
9. Ponderosa Steakhouse
10. Red Lobster
11. Rosalies
12. Select Family Restaurant
13. Shippen Place Restaurant
14. The Hop
15. The Orchards Restaurant
16. Tollgate Restaurant

** Keep in mind that you may not agree with all of the comments made here. Everyone has a different experience and is entitled to express his or her own opinion.

These are opinions of individual residents and do not
necessarily reflect the views of Ship Underground or any establishment.

Know a good local restaurant that doesn't appear on our site? Contact ShipUnderground with the name and location and let us know!

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