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April 17, 2019
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 The Orchards Restaurant

Restaurant Information
 1580 Orchard Drive
 Chambersburg, PA
Phone: 717-264-4711
Hours: N/A

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Reader Reviews
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Anonymous Jul 09 2010, 08:57AM
Trailer Trash Crowd at the Orchard's
Although the Orchard's has always been one of my favorite restaurants, I have to say that my experience there this evening was terrible. It's a shame that the #1 rated restaurant in Chambersburg for fine dining would stoop so low to have cage fighting as an event. If this is the clientele that they are now catering to, I will take my business elsewhere. The Orchard's is such a beautiful restaurant but it's a shame that it's lowering its standards to attract a cage fighting type of crowd. In addition, the service this evening was poor and I couldn't help but notice the dirty window sill beside my table as I ate my meal. If the Orchard's is going to charge the prices that they charge, then they need to stop hosting events that bring out the trailer trash in the tri-state region. Although I am a native to the area, I currently reside in the Philadelphia area. I am surrounded in the Philadelphia area by wonderful restaurants and a large variety of fine dining opportunities. It's a shame that after driving 3 hours to come eat at the Orchard's that I had such an unpleasant experience. The Orchard's needs to remember who their target customers are, as they can not offer fine dining and host cage fighting events under the same roof.

Chambersburg resident Oct 28 2007, 10:51AM
Great for special occasions
As soon as you walk into The Orchards, you know this is a place that will be expensive, but worth it. The service and food here is top notch and filling. The prices are high, but you leave feeling as though it was well worth it. If you have a special occasion to celebrate or just a little more money than usual to spend on a dinner out, I highly recommend The Orchards.

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