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July 15, 2018
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Vincent McCormack

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Positive Comments (3)

Subject: for Acc majors only  (Mar 25 2004, 09:19AM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:Managerial Accounting (A-)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 This class is required for anyone in the College of Business, but I would only reccoment him for Accounting majors because he states that this is the most important class you will ever take here. While it is an integral aspect of business, not everyone will do well in his classes. He uses old powerpoint slides, assigns homework, then tells you how to do the homework after you have already done it. If you read the chapters and do the homework, everything is very straight forward. Accounting majors will be forced to learn integral concepts that will be in continued use in other classes like Cost. The one Excel project takes 4-6 hours to complete, but you do not learn much because he tells you exactly how to do it, literally word by word. Only drawback: The tests are tremendously long, and only those that do the homework, read the book, and understand the basic concepts will finish the test. The Final is 22 pages long and requires the entire 2 hours.
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Subject: Tough but Thorough  (Feb 13 2004, 07:56PM)
Student: Anonymous (Info Tech)
Class:Mangerial Accounting (A)
 10 of 35 students found this review helpful.

 He knows his stuff and expects his students to learn. He lets you know exactly what to study ahead of time, no surprises on the tests. Tests are too long to comfortably complete if you are not sure of the material. Lots of studying to get a good grade.
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Subject: Managerial Accounting  (Aug 30 2002, 10:34PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:N/A (B-)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Get the test from last year they are the same just different number.
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Negative Comments (3)

Subject: not good  (Mar 03 2003, 09:43AM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:managerial (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Had him for managerial acct. All he does is lecture from powerpoint slides. If you ask him a question he answers it with another one. Tests are unreal. SOOOO long, never had time to finish them, and he won't let you stay late or put you somewhere else so you can finish it.
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Subject: Not so much  (Dec 10 2002, 12:51AM)
Student: Anonymous (MIS)
Class:Managerial (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 The only good thing about this class is he uses the same tests every year. So make sure you make friends with someone who has had this class before, so you can get their tests. Otherwise, good luck. He is real mean if you ask questions, or bother him during office hours. His tests, I couldn't even finish them in a week if I had the time. 12 pages long...average. He sucks a fatty, and I hope he reads this.
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Subject: Prof Sucks  (Aug 03 2002, 10:39PM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:Managerial Accounting (C)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 I went to see him during office hours and caught him looking at porn on the internet. Also, if you want to take 10 page tests feel free to take him. Not prepared at all for class; uses powerpoint slides made up by book company. None of his own thoughts go into class.
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