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February 15, 2019
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Vonnie Ryland
(Teacher Education)

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Positive Comments (4)

Subject: If only there were more professors like this!  (May 08 2005, 11:20AM)
Student: Anonymous (BS Sec Ed- History)
Class:The American School (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Dr. Ryland epitomizes what I expected from higher education...excellence! She is by far one of my favorite professors on campus. She has a strong knowledge base that mixes experience with skill. Plus, she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet! The workload was easy to manage and the tests and quizzes were simple-especially the final (which was a group in-class project; we watched 3 teachers on video and then gave feedback to the class using the knowledge we acquired from the semester). I highly endorse Dr. Ryland for any and all teacher ed courses you need!
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Subject: a great example of an el ed teacher  (Dec 23 2004, 12:56AM)
Student: Anonymous (El Ed)
Class:American School (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 She is the sweetest lady ever and so easy. The only reason I had point taken off in the class, was for quizzes. Everything can be rehanded in and the group project wasn't hard at all. The only problem was she didn't know my name and was sometimes disorganized, but in the end I was happy I took her!
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Subject: Nice Lady  (Sep 26 2004, 02:07PM)
Student: Anonymous (History/German)
Class:American school (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 She did such a great job teaching adults for the first time. Great disposition. Tests hard. Lots of projects to help on the grade though. I predict that after this year she should have the subject matter for this class perfected -- so soon because of her experience and organization.
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Subject: awesome  (May 05 2004, 07:44PM)
Student: Anonymous (secondary ed)
Class:American School (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 OK, Dr. Ryland may be a bit dry and a throw-back but she's the nicest lady you're gonna meet at Shippensburg. Her class is a breeze. She is also an elementary teacher and you can definitely get that impression while you are there. We didn't even take a final and there are only 300 points for the whole semester...50 of which are guaranteed if you do observations. She is an awesome lady and very sweet, I recommend her to any Ed. major that can take her!
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Negative Comments (2)

Subject: Unholy.  (May 09 2006, 12:56AM)
Student: Anonymous (English Education)
Class:American School (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Beware. Choose your Teacher Education professors wisely in your next semester, student. For Dr. Vonnie Ryland is a hideous nightmare made real. Ryland is like a collective evil mass that gains in strength from the souls that are released when any one of those crotchety, white-haired grammar nazi English teachers you had back in high school kick the bucket. She is the template from which all terrible, old-school professors are wrought. I say this because the woman is not only a professor, she also fancies herself an Oracle of Education. She will LITERALLY go out of her way to sabotage your efforts in becoming a teacher if she believes you unworthy of being one. She vastly oversteps her boundaries by doing this, and will likely face charges if anyone decides to take her to the President over it. In my class, she actually told a student to change her major because Ryland believed her unsuited to be a teacher. Me personally, I disagreed with her assumption that there are only four teaching philosophies (all likely dating from the 30's or so) and I suffered for the rest of the semester because of it. I had to re-write my classroom observations FIVE TIMES. I have compared my observations with other classmates, and they are as good if not better. Simply put... STAY AWAY from this professor. When your professor literally (literally!) scowls when she reads your name on the class roster as she is taking roll (as she did in my case, with multiple eye-witnesses) you know that you are not getting a professor that will treat you fairly and as a hopeful educator. STAY AWAY ANY AND ALL COSTS!
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Subject: Avoid if possible  (Jan 15 2006, 09:12PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Educational Psychology (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 OK, first of all, Dr. Ryland is incredibly boring. She uses repetitive power points for her lectures, and when she does occasionally try to get a class discussion started, it bombs because everyone is already asleep. I learned next to nothing in this class, which is a shame because the material was kind of interesting and could have been taught so much better. She is easy though... there's tons of work, but it's all 'busy' work and very easy. She doesn't seem to have much of a grasp at all on her subject, so I don't think she expects much from her students. Oh, and she's way strict on attendence, even when you've already cleared a school related absence with her! And finally, she is very very patronizing and apparently doesn't realize she's no longer teaching second grade.
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