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November 19, 2018
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J Wolfson

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Positive Comments (1)

Subject: Boring, but acceptable  (Mar 27 2005, 06:28PM)
Student: Dave W. (HR Management)
Class:Managerial Accounting (B+)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 I'm not interested with accounting in any manner. This man didn't change that view in any way. However, with that being said he is still a decent professor. Professor Wolfson is not very effective in teaching the material, but tries his best each day to lecture about each chapter we are covering. There is some group work that must be done, although I don't know if he actually graded our presentations or not. Basically, you get in groups of 2-5 people and present the problems at the end of the chapter we are covering. There are no quizzes, and the tests are all multiple choice. That may seem like a good thing, but the material can still be difficult. The main reason I'm giving him a positive review is of his grading system. The first exam we took there were 33 multiple choice questions. I got a 22, giving me a 67%. However, after handing back the tests he explained his grading system which went as low as someone who got a 33% still got a D. He often criticizes the material in the book as lacking explanation and has stated on a few occasions that the class is taught too soon in our course schedules. Anyway, I've rambled too long now. Essentially take him if you want to get the class over with but don't want to learn anything substantial.
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Negative Comments (2)

Subject: Ass  (Mar 29 2005, 10:36PM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:Managerial Accounting (--)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 I have to say something to Dave who gave this asshole a positive comment. He does not even try to teach. He never grades our presentations and the grading scale was a one time shot. This guy does not deserve any positive comments. [] He creeps me out because I always feel like he's staring at me all through class. Accounting majors do not take him ever because Cost Determination & Analysis is based on what you learn in Managerial Accounting and you don't want to be screwed from the start.
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Subject: Asshole  (Feb 27 2005, 06:46PM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:Managerial Accounting (--)
 13 of 38 students found this review helpful.

 This guy does not deserve to have a job. He is one of the biggest assholes I have ever known. He does not teach ever. He expects us to learn the material ourselves. Not only that but we have homework presentations every friday so we are expected to learn the material on our own then teach it to the rest of the class. This is rediculous. He also told us that our practice exam was going to be very similar to the real exam which was complete bullsh*t because the real exam did not have one single question similar to the practice exam. Do not take this guy ever. He is a horrible professor and I intend on going to the dean to complain about him.
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Neutral Comments (2)

Subject: OK Prof  (Dec 08 2004, 08:45PM)
Student: Anonymous (accounting)
Class:Fundamentals (--)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 He is one of the better teachers I have taken at Ship. He may not teach that well but since he gives you a practice test before the exams that helps you out a lot. The practice exams have the exact same kind of questions that will be on the test plus some of the questions are the exact same on the test. If you just take the practice test and do some of the homework you will do ok in the class.
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Subject: only take him if you're desperate  (Nov 22 2004, 08:28PM)
Student: Anonymous (marketing)
Class:managerial accounting (--)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 He doesnt teach...ever. He sits up in the front of the room and attempts to lecture and never shows any examples of problems. He always kept saying "you guys don't know any of this because you've never been to a factory." Yea thats the first place any 20 year olds want to go is to a freaking factory. On a good note however he wont fail anybody, or at least thats what he told me. Also he gives practice tests the week before a test. Tests are hard if you dont study the practice test.
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