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February 15, 2019
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Edward Steinberg

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Positive Comments (5)

Subject: Great Prof  (Apr 04 2006, 07:48AM)
Student: Anonymous (pol. sci.)
Class:Principles of Economics (B+)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Steinberg is a great teacher. I've had him in two classes now and he has been very helpful in both. He will wait to move on so that everyone understands what is going on. He will spend all class on one question if he has to. Yes, the tests are hard and the material is boring...but what do you expect? It is economics.
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Subject: difficult because he has to be  (Mar 29 2006, 10:37AM)
Student: Anonymous (Human Resources Management)
Class:Principles of Econ. (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 The class material itself is really difficult, and if you don't honest to goodness pay attention in class you're going to do poorly. His exams are challenging, but he gives partial credit and he actually curved the one. Theres only three exams through out the year and a couple quizzes that only count if they help. He's a nice guy at heart, but he's got this corny outter layer where he tells all these economics related jokes that are so bad. I've learned quite a few things, so I'd recommend him if you really are willing to work for it-otherwise, go with someone else.
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Subject: You'll be fine  (Mar 28 2006, 03:41PM)
Student: Anonymous (Marketing)
Class:Princ Econ (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Some of the other comments say he is hard, but all econ is hard. I was a bit scared of this class when I got started but it's not that bad. If you go to class, take good notes, and do the extra credit you will at least get a C.
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Subject: Not a bad guy  (Dec 14 2005, 03:13PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Principles of economics (A)
 13 of 46 students found this review helpful.

 Dr. Steinberg is a really good guy and he knows economics sucks and will tell you every class. His class is tough, you have to read the text it really helps. He also gave us some extra credit and he hands out these comic books that he wrote and they help alot too. His tests are multiple choice and a huge essay but he always hints enough so you know the essay beforehand. If you give a seriuosly detailed explanation you'll get every point for it. He also gives quizes that can only help not hurt you. I would take him again if I could and I recommend him if you dont mind working a little for a good grade.
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Subject: nice guy really sh*tty class  (Dec 14 2004, 10:37AM)
Student: Anonymous (el ed)
Class:macroeconomics (C)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Ik Steinberg is probably one of the funniest men I have ever met. He hands out these comic books which he wrote, that are so lame. He is also one of the smartest mofos around. Which is why his class is so godforsaken boring. He knows the class sucks, he will tell you. He cant help it, economics blows. His tests are pretty harsh, but he trys to help you out. I recommend reading the book...yeah i know, but it helps. There is no easy econ prof, so just OD on red bull & try to make it through.
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Negative Comments (4)

Subject: What a Trainwreck!  (Dec 22 2004, 01:53PM)
Student: Anonymous (Political Science)
Class:Microeconomics (B-)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 I know that Economics is a hard discipline by its nature, but it is "teachable." Dr. Steinberg however couldn't teach a dove to fly. His lectures are all over the place and for the most part all but impossible to take in. You have no idea what to write down as notes so naturally you have to read the textbook--no problem right? WRONG! He is the pickiest grader on tests and strips points by the cartload. They are true/false and essay. For the true/false you have to explain why a statement is false-and make sure your explanation is PERFECT. You can lose up to 8 points per question OUT OF A 100 point test!!! For the essay, it's equally bad. If you don't thoroughly explain every single little thing that is even connected with the question you lose. On our last exam, I missed one concept (which wasn't even asked for in the question itself by the way) which apparently was associated with cross elasticity and he cuts twelve points off. The sad thing is that in the end, I learned far more by reading the damned book than I ever learned by going to class. If you want to throw your tuition dollars and your QPA away, take him. If not, take someone good like Mathis or Fiucane! On the bright side, he is nice and he isnít an asshole but heís a worthless prof.
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Subject: Hard as Hell  (Dec 16 2004, 09:19AM)
Student: Anonymous (Pub Adm)
Class:MICRO (D)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Your GPA will drop if you take this guy. His class is hard and his tests are impossible. I'm hoping for an overall curve so I can pass with a D. He's a nice guy, but AVOID him!!!!
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Subject: *insert obscene gesture here*  (Dec 13 2004, 10:31AM)
Student: Anonymous (Business Management)
Class:Managerial Econ. (C-)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Well... ...He sucked. He's a funny person if you don't mind the same ridiculous joke being told over and over again to the point that you think that's what the class is about. His class is tediously boring and mind numbing, I suggest if you take this class find somebody who can get you some prescription ADHD medication, preferably the stimulant kind, because you'll need an insane level of concentration just to stay focused for the entire class. Okay here's what the grading is like. 40% for the midterm, 40% for the final, 10% for 2 homework assignments (which are easy), and 10% for a paper that has almost no instructions. His tests are INSANE, 8 true/false, and 2 or three essays. The true/false require an explanation which doesn't sound hard, but his instuctions only complicate the matter, "don't tell what makes the statement true, tell what makes the statement false." His essays are soo specific and only cover a small amount of the subject material that you end up studying the wrong thing longer than the right thing. It's just bad, very bad. If you give a hoot about your GPA do not take this professor.
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Subject: Nice guy, impossible tests  (Nov 19 2004, 02:05PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Microeconomics (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Steinberg's a funny, nice guy, but the class is incredibly boring. And the tests are so hard - all they are is like 8 true/false and one explanation that's worth half the entire test, so if you mess a couple things up you're screwed. I've gotten D's on the first two tests, as has most of the class. Even though he's nice, I probably wouldn't recommend him.
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Neutral Comments (1)

Subject: this course will probably be rough w/ any prof  (Dec 28 2004, 12:08AM)
Student: Anonymous (soc)
Class:macroeconomics (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Such a hard class. Classes were long and boring..you get lost and lose your concentration and the book was crazy boring. Exams were tough, bout 10 t/f requiring explanations, and a few essays. Got a C on the midterm, D on the next exam so it just shows how much i really knew the material. He passes out comic books and they do help to a point. A quiz which counts only if it'll improve your grade, and there are a few homework assignments to help you out. He is a really funny guy and knows the class is boring. If you study your ass off and go to tutoring you'd probably do well, but hey what the hell do i know.
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