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July 15, 2018
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R Setaputra
(Information Management and Analysis)

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Positive Comments (7)

Subject: Awesome+++  (Jan 10 2009, 11:13AM)
Student: Anonymous (Business)
Class:Supply Chan & Operations Mgt (B)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Bob, as what we are told to call him, is the best prof ever! His tests are ridiculously hard and barely anyone does well on them. He gives great extra credit and you are pretty much guaranteed a C or B in the class because of the curve. There is no outside homework and you are allowed to have a cheat sheet on all 4 tests. Take him, you won't regret it.
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Subject: BEST PROFESSOR AT SHIP  (Oct 23 2008, 08:32AM)
Student: Anonymous (Business)
Class:Stats (B)
 9 of 35 students found this review helpful.

 Bob, as you will call him, is by far the best professor at Shippensburg. Not only is he funny, but he is understanding.. IF YOU HAVE YOUR 21ST BIRTHDAY THE DAY BEFORE ONE OF HIS EXAMS YOU CAN RETAKE IT LATER. Sure his tests are hard and you might get a 30%, but it will round up to an A. The class average is the test's B. If the class averages a 10% and you get a 20%, you'll get an A. I talk to Bob all the time and he is one of the nicest professors I have ever had. Don't listen to the other people he is by far the BEST professor on campus.
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Subject: Great Prof  (Apr 22 2008, 02:03AM)
Student: David (MIS)
Class:Operations Management  (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 From the horror stories which I read on this page, I was very afraid to enter into Bob's relm. A friend of mine had taken Bob previously, and he said that Bob was such a fun guy, but also that he was a bit crazy. Hehe. I really find myself enjoying Bob's class. He provides students with basic knowledge on the content covered in said chapter of the book, then the class works on a few problems inclass. This process repeats itself throughout the semester, and the tests are comprised of questions similar to those done in class. The tests are also m/c, which make them fairly easy to score well on. Throughout his lectures, Bob will go off on tangents talking about whatever is on his mind. He does this to keep students entertained, and as a result, they come to class faithfully. Bob is friendly to everyone, and has a great personality. Personally, I would gladly take another one of his classes, should he teach one I need.
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Subject: BOB  (Mar 28 2007, 09:34AM)
Student: Anonymous (Entrepreneurship)
Class:Stats (A)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Bob, as he asks you to call him, is hilarious....he's such a fun professor to be around and always makes you laugh....yeah the class is really hard but that's not his fault...its just learning the material which he helps you in any way he can...he also lets you play around on the computers during class and miss class whenever as long as you do well on the tests...which don't panic-they are crazy hard and I always thought I failed but he curves like crazy and I got As on all of them
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Subject: Cool Guy  (Mar 30 2006, 03:55PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:N/A (B)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Yea his tests may be very hard, but he puts a crazy curve on all of them, he never takes attendance, and you do 3 hwork assignments throughout the semester which is 5% of your grade...Sure the tests are hard, but you get to use a paper (front and back) filled with whatever you want as a cheat sheet, so you have to be stupid to not get at least a C in this class. Not to mention he likes students and it's funny how he gets a kick out of himself. One of the coolest profs at Ship
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Subject: Are you kidding?  (Mar 21 2006, 12:42PM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:Oper. MGT (A)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Setaputra is the best teacher I've had at Ship. He gets to know his students and is always willing to help out if you're struggling. The tests weren't as hard as he hypes them up to be and he uses powerpoint and projects to help you understand. If you have gotten to your jr. year you can definitely do well in this class.
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Subject: Enjoyable class  (Feb 28 2006, 04:37PM)
Student: Anonymous (Finance/Economics)
Class:Operations Management (B)
 10 of 35 students found this review helpful.

 I read the negative comments, and I'd have to say that they're somewhat accurate in the way that Dr. S runs his class. But this is an ez class. My partner and I failed both projects, and most tests, but he makes the average class score a B. If you can't get a B in this class by just showing up to class and studying a little before tests, then you don't deserve to be in college...or in the school of business for that matter. I played tetris everyday and took a few notes....while other people got their panties in a bundle over grades...he's too nice to fail anyone who shows some effort.
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Negative Comments (3)

Subject: AVOID  (Oct 30 2006, 08:35PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:stat app in bus  (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 If you want a prof who wants to be your friend then yea take him but otherwise stay away. He has no structure in his class. He doesnt care what you do in the class, you can do whatever you want: talk to the person next to you, call your friends on the phone, surf the web, talk to people on aim, not even come to class! There are three exams total. Attendance and homework are supposed to be a portion of your grade but since he doesnt take attendance and doesnt collect homework its just the exams. Yea he does curve the tests and they are open note but it doesnt help because you dont have enough time to finish them. If youre all for a class that has no structure and you have no responsibility for then yea take it but since youre actually paying for your education you should get your moneys worth.
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Subject: Not a Prof.  (Jan 15 2006, 11:39PM)
Student: Anonymous (Info. Mgmt. & Analysis)
Class:Op. Mgmt (C+)
 10 of 36 students found this review helpful.

 Ok, he is one of the nicest guys ever, but is by far the worst prof. I have ever had. He doesn't teach, he does not care if you come to class, which is a waste of your time anyway. He does make the effort to get to know your name, but unless you are called on constantly he'll probably get it wrong anyway. The test are multiple choice, and you are allowed to have a cheat sheet. His final was a joke, I think he pulled 3 quarters of his questions out of his a$$. You have 2 projects which are extremely difficult. All of his classes were waiting for him during his office hours, I think I waited over an hour one day and then he had to go to class, so I never even got to ask my question. He does not explain how to do problems such as these through any of his lectures, he just shows a jist of an easy problem. His grading system is a joke, he makes it so the whole class does not fail. Avoid him if you want to learn something.
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Subject: Nice Guy, Difficult Class  (Dec 04 2005, 10:55PM)
Student: Anonymous (HR)
Class:Operations Management (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Let's just start this one off by saying Dr. Setaputra is a nice guy. He is almost always in his office, regardless of office hours and can also be reached by email. With that being said, Operations Management with him is by far one of the worst classes I have ever taken. This is his first semester here and he seems to disregard any concepts of what a basic business course is supposed to entail. I'll start with the horrible stuff and end with the trivial annoyances of class. Grading...Dr. Setaputra grades in such a way that the class average will always determine the "B-"/"C+" for the class. In other words, if the class average is a 20, then a 20 will be considered a "B-"/"C+" and "A"s are above that and the opposite for "D"s and "F"s. Sounds great? No...it's not. His goal, in the two assignment projects and 3 tests are to make the class fail. You should also keep in mind that if the class average was say, an 85, and you got a 70, that means to him it's probably a D at best. Although to be fair, I don't think our averages for anything have been above a 75. It's his contention that if the test doesn't take the entire class time to complete and the average isn't a "D" or lower then the test wasn't hard enough. Additionally, the two projects he assigned are insanely difficult for the level of training we receive in the class....so expect to do poorly on them. I can't justly explain their difficulty here. The tests are entirely multiple-choice, but don't think that because of the test format it's easy at all. The trvial aspects: He has a heavy accent, which takes time to get adjusted to in class. If that kind of thing bothers you, avoid him. He isn't focused at all. Expect him to randomly call people's names in class...for no reason whatsoever...in the middle of lectures....every class. Conclusion: So it's for those reasons he gets a negative, but he is almost always around so if you are seeking help, by all means go to his office, but don't think it's going to help you immensely. And at least he took the people who failed the first test out to lunch and occasionaly goes to bars with students...but he's still a bad teacher.
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Neutral Comments (2)

Subject: Learn nothing but grade boost  (Jan 14 2008, 02:09PM)
Student: Anonymous (Management)
Class:Statistical Aps of Business (A)
 11 of 36 students found this review helpful.

 I worked so hard in this class, spent many hours doing the ALEKS assignments with little understanding of the material. I did not buy the textbook and averaged a C in the class. I feel I've learned and retained next to nothing and still got an A- after the final curve. Before the curve the class average was about a 65. After the curve everyone seemed to get As and Bs. I'm happy with my grade yet disappointed that I feel I've learned nothing after spending a semester and $700 on a class.
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Subject: Eh..  (Dec 21 2006, 07:17AM)
Student: Anonymous (Finance)
Class:Statistical App in Business (A)
 10 of 35 students found this review helpful.

 Since I was never in class, I don't have a strong opinion of Doctor Setaputra, but I can say, his tests are super hard. That being said, he grades on a bell curve, so if you're smarter than everybody else, you'll get an A or B. All I ever did was study a few hours the night of the exam and make a cheat sheet (which he allows). You can also surf the web during the tests, so it's easy to refer to powerpoints or just google test questions. Also, if you're a hot girl, I'm pretty sure you can seduce him into giving you a good grade...
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