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July 15, 2018
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Jerry Mason

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Positive Comments (2)

Subject: Nice guy  (Mar 30 2006, 03:57PM)
Student: Anonymous (Finance)
Class:Financial Management (A-)
 10 of 35 students found this review helpful.

 Mason is a funny old guy who is extremely knowledgable in finance...You get quizzes each week, but they are helpful because most of the test questions you get are from them, + they are take home. His tests are open note and open book. However, I highly recommend you go to every class because if you dont' you will be lost.
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Subject: Great Class  (Oct 27 2005, 05:45PM)
Student: Anonymous (Finance)
Class:Financial Management (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Professor Mason's class is so easy! All of his tests are open book, and the quizzes are take-home. It can't get any easier than that. Hes a very funny man who makes Finance enjoyable. I plan on taking him again. Take Mason if you can!
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Negative Comments (2)

Subject: complete IDIOT  (Apr 24 2006, 10:03PM)
Student: Anonymous (Finance)
Class:Personal Financial Planning (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 I'm thinking the only way those positive comments about Dr. MAson could ever make sense is if he wrote them himself. He is the WORST teacher I have ever had.. He knows absolutely NOTHING about Finance. I feel like taking his class is making me less knowledgable because he consistently teaches WRONG information. He more or less teaches his "opinions" which are ridiculous... I feel bad for anyone who actually believes the crap he says. His tests are almost completely comprised of calculations that are not in the book and that he doesn't teach you how to do. I'm pretty sure he doesn't teach the students how to do them because he doesnt even know how to do them. This is obvious bc everytime we actually try to do problems in class he puts the wrong answer on the board. I think he mentioned that he won't be teaching at Ship anymore.. which is no surprise because I really can't imagine that any student would give him a good evaluation. However, in case he ever does teach another class here.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON'T TAKE IT!!!
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Subject: Teach Yourself  (Nov 05 2005, 07:34PM)
Student: Anonymous (HR)
Class:Financial Management (--)
 9 of 34 students found this review helpful.

 Ok, so I wasn't going to comment on him until I read that positive comment above. It's a complete lie. Unless you are a finance major, as the above happened to be, then this class will not be fun. This is his first year here and he doesn't know how to teach, you can be sure of that. The following is a run-down of the average class: - Come in - Get handed a take-home quiz which may, or may not, be graded for next class - Cover a few chapter terms - Spend rest of class attempting problems out of the end of each chapter, whether you understand the material or not and/or covering the last quiz.
The reason he gets a negative comment is largely due to his inability to explain the material. Many of the problems require a calculator, however he will not, I repeat not, tell you how to use do them on your calculator. He often goes on tangents and occasionally seems to subtly preach at us. Yes, the tests are completely open note/open book, but that is useless if you don't understand the material. Expect to cover between 6-8 chapters per test, with 3 tests in total, each containing 22 questions. Quizzes, with 10 questions, are worth 5, count'em 5, points.
But hey, it's not all bad....at least he comes in every day with a positive attitude and an expectation that we are all finance majors.
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