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April 17, 2019
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John Ellerbach
(Communications/ Journalism)

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Positive Comments (8)

Subject: Wonderful!!  (Mar 08 2010, 11:06PM)
Student: Anonymous (comm/journ PR)
Class:many (B+)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Dr. Ellerbach is one of only two profs I have had at Shippensburg able to make me want to sit in the library for hours and do work. He has not only made me want to learn, but is also available for advice on anything, anytime you may need it. He is not afraid to tell you to step up your game because you are failing. He makes learning even the most boring topics fun, he always makes me laugh, and he is one of the most genuine people I know. You would be silly not to take him for any and every class you can!
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Subject: Love him!  (Feb 18 2009, 12:02AM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ.)
Class:PR Writing/Comm. Law (B+)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Great fun and easy to get along with! He really taught me a lot and did it in an enjoyable way. One of my favorite professors I've had at Ship by far. PR Writing was easy and you learned so much because he was always willing to help. He also gives loads of extra credit when you raise your hand for any of his "corny" jokes, which are usually pretty funny anyways. Comm. Law with him is 100 times better than with Bitzer. This is not easy material, but he made me understand it and the study guides for the tests were almost identical. Read the chapters because he sometimes throws curve balls from the readings. However, you are always allowed to use index cheat sheets that come in handy! Ellerbach is the man!
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Subject: For mature studens  (Jan 05 2009, 09:33PM)
Student: Anonymous (Public Relations)
Class:490 Select Topics PR Camp/Res (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 The professor is recommended because:
He was accommodating when preparing for tests and quizzes. If you need help, he's there, above and beyond!
The class was frustrating because:
a. students weren't caught up on reading to have intellectual discussions during class (and Ellerbach doesn't hold your hand and walk you through a text book.)
b. Comm/Journ students don't have a marketing background
c. Comm/Journ students don't have background of research
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Subject: Pops or Bops  (Mar 20 2008, 01:04PM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ)
Class:PR (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Ellerbach has an interesting teaching style. I believe it's because he knows we're all in college, so we should be able to do the reading outside of class, and therefore he doesn't need to go over it step by step in class. He passes out study guides and gives you a chance to ask questions. So as long as you do the reading and look over his study guides, you should do fine! Don't take him if you can't take sarcastic jokes/ don't like listening to random stories.
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Subject: take him  (Feb 28 2008, 07:55PM)
Student: Anonymous (comm)
Class:Law (--)
 13 of 46 students found this review helpful.

 He wants to make sure that everyone does well. 4 50 point exams and 1 paper. He does take attendance daily. Pay attention-everything he talks about, is going to be on the exam. This is good because theres no b/s'ing. Basically, when you get your study guide, take advantage and STUDY, bc chances are 99 percent of it will be on your exam. He's awesome, and so funny. I have him for TWO classes in a row and they fly by.
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Subject: Misunderstood  (Oct 26 2007, 12:44AM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ-PR)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 To be completely honest I would take all my classes with Ellerbach if I could. He gets a lot of slack for being confusing and a lot of people complain that they're not learning anything, but it has been my experience that most people don't realize he doesn't teach the way most people teach. A lot of professors will stand up there and lecture on and on about the topic that was the assigned reading the night before, but Ellerbach mainly teaches via real world examples and stories. Yes he has the strangest sense of humor, and yes he inserts in his teaching constantly, but the funny thing is lots of times the jokes vaguely tie back into what he's teaching (in the most random way possible) and that's what makes you remember it. Ellerbach is full of energy. Both my classes were at 9 am, and despite the fact I am NOT A MORNING PERSON, I always would be able to stay awake. I think a lot of students are confused by how bizarre his teaching methods are and quickly write him off, but they fail to see the knowledge years of industry experience has taught him. I wouldn't take him if you are the type of person who's looking for someone who is constantly serious and does nothing but lecture, but if you're someone who is just fed up with the same format over and over again and is ready for something new and interesting take Ellerbach. Also he is always willing to give you feedback, yeah maybe not face to face with office hours (sometimes he is really busy making his film), but his is great about responding to e-mails.
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Subject: Don't be scared  (Jan 15 2007, 01:00PM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm)
Class:Public Relations (C)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Ok ok, I admit, first day of class I was going to make a run for the door. After reading the ridiculous syllabus and hearing him drone about preparation, and getting my first test score back, I was going to drop the class. At first I really hated Dr. E but then I started to catch on to his game. I think with the first exam he really wanted to scare away the people who didn't want to be there; but in time his tests got easier, and he became more personable. Don't take this class if youre trying to breeze right by, or don't care about the course topic. If youre truly interested in PR Dr. E will teach you a lot, prepare you for what is yet to come, and help out later on if you need him.
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Subject: Stuff  (Dec 15 2006, 04:21PM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ)
Class:PR (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Great professor, very goofy. Stresses the importance of being prepared. His tests are pretty easy if you attend class and read the chapter summaries.
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Negative Comments (2)

Subject: The Worst  (Jan 04 2011, 10:42PM)
Student: Anonymous (C/J)
Class:CommLaw (C)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Dr. E...sure he's funny but if you expect to succeed and you're not one of his "favorites" you shouldn't take him. He 100% plays favorites and if you seem unsure for as little as a second, he makes you feel like a complete asshole in front of the entire class. He doesn't teach you anything and expects you to learn everything yourself, reading an entire text book. All he does is make jokes and run around the classroom cursing trying to be as funny as possible. If you want to essentially teach yourself, take him...you also get to take a 20 question exam on a 400 page textbook. When you want to meet him for office hours he shows up 10 minutes late and goes "oh, did we have an appt?" He's condescending and treats his students like children. I have nothing nice to say about him and his good ratings on here are ridiculous. Stay away
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Subject: the worst  (Mar 27 2007, 10:48AM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm Studies)
Class:Press and Public Affairs (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 How is anyone rating this prof half decent? I guess maybe the undergrad experience is different, but I had him for a grad class and it was horrible. There were probably a total of 2 students who liked him...other than that, everyone attributed his class and teaching style as the worst they have ever experienced. He was unfair, unorganized, and did not even teach the class. Supposedly he "knows his stuff" so well, which is why he apparently got hired, but obviously he isn't doing his job because nobody learned anything. On top of that, he was very arrogant and unhelpful when students needed help, and talked about stupid, irrelevant stories the entire class (instead of even attempting to teach). Some people may like his quirky personality, but this guy obviously needs to learn how to separate his personal stories/idiosyncrasies from teaching (the quizzes were so weird, not even pertaining to the readings, and since we never took notes or discussed any material, it was pretty much a guessing game!) Do NOT take this prof if you are trying to get a decent grade, because despite your efforts, he will grade unfairly and pretty much tell you that if you aim to get anything over a "B" that you are aiming too high. This guy is an insult to the comm. program at ship and I know many students who have considered dropping out just because of him.
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