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February 17, 2019
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Karin Bohleke

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Positive Comments (1)

Subject: Don't Listen to Stupid People  (Sep 23 2011, 09:07AM)
Student: Anonymous (Communication/Journalism)
Class:French 102 (A)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Professor Bohleke is a wonderful professor. All the stupid stuff people said about her isn't true. She isn't mean, or condescending at all. And duh her syllabus is all in French, it's a French class..it's called Google Translate. And if you have a question, just ask her. She's extremely helpful and the fact that she's not a native born Frenchman means that she stops and talks in English half the time and explains things. If she doesn't go over all the vocabulary it's because there's an entire vocal list in our book. She's never said one rude thing to any of my classmates and the homework is all on MyFrenchLab and you get unlimited amounts of time to try it. She lived there for some time so she knows what she's talking about when she mentions French culture and food etc..She's a great prof, very easy, she expects you to pay attention and if she ever does say something that seems rude, it's because she wants you to look it up for yourself in our HUGE textbook or use the internet. Take her, I've had her, and Dr. Mitaut, and while I loved them both, Professor Bohleke is much easier than Mitaut.
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Negative Comments (3)

Subject: Holy French Prof   (Mar 27 2014, 02:00AM)
Student: Anonymous (Bio)
Class:French 102 (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 My advisor told me that since I took so many Spanish and one french in high school I could go ahead and take French 102. First day everything was in French and I thought I could handle it, even with the help of a tutor. Bohleke is very self-absorbed, like the other comments say, shes nice at first then she becomes this French speaking Nazi. God forbid you are confused or want something further explained. That woman will give you some major sass. I wasn't doing well, and I went to the tutor, she emails me and says I never went to the tutor and that I have to get better test grades or I would fail. She sent my advisor an email saying that I needed a fire lit under my ass to get a better grade and that is word for word. Unless you have taken at least 3 years of french previously, for the love of your GPA don't take her.
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Subject: The Worst  (Apr 11 2009, 08:34PM)
Student: Anonymous (Criminal Justice)
Class:French 101 (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 I do not recommend this professor. On a personal level, you can tell that she has an overinflated ego, i.e. she speaks with her nose in the air and talks about how special she is because she went to the equivalent of an Ivy League university in France...Nice, what are you doing at Shippensburg, then? This reaches over to how she approaches her students--that means, in others words, you are just one of her minions. She is definitely hot and cold, and that's an understatement. She acts really understanding and then says something in a really condescending way and shoots you a look. You never know what the mood is going to be. She makes assumptions, and she's way too full of herself. Someone that is so wonderful should be sitting at home looking in the mirror at themselves and not trying to teach a language class. Language classes require that the professor has patience and understanding, and she has her head so far stuck up her you-know-what that she will never make a good college professor if she doesn't come back down to earth. Don't think these are the words of an angry and incompetent student. I excel in French and Spanish. I just think she is a horrible teacher, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND taking her classes. I didn't find her tests that hard, but then again, before taking her class, I had already taken French in high school. She starts in French the first day, and if you are new to the language, you WILL be totally lost. Once again, making assumptions that if you can't figure it out, you're stupid. Quite a few people in the class that I took were totally lost. If you can take any other professor, avoid her. Hopefully she'll go back to Canada so you won't have to worry about getting stuck with her.
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Subject: Do NOT take w/o experience in French...  (Oct 22 2007, 02:37PM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ)
Class:French 101 (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 I took french because I wanted to learn a new language. (i had spanish for 3 years in high school) I was very surprised when Dr. Bohleke rolled in, because she wasn't who I signed up for. Here are the reasons NOT to take her. #1 her syllabus is almost entirely french. Hello? it's french 101. How the hell am I supposed to understand the syllabus if it's in another language? #2 she doesn't go over vocabulary at all, so you have no idea what key words mean when she speaks to you. She's all nice at first, and then she gets mean. Hot and Cold. aka, kinda psycho. #3 she doesn't understand how to to use QUIA, and she can't explain it properly. She also didn't know how to check it, and insisted that we waste ink printing out assignments. I ended up dropping this class...looks like it's Dr. Ricardo and Spanish 101 for me!
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Neutral Comments (1)

Subject: confusing  (Oct 16 2007, 03:00PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:N/A (--)
 13 of 46 students found this review helpful.

  On one hand she seems really nice and kind, but then she turns very cold and odd. Out of nowhere she will become extremely impatient with comments like..."you figure it out" in such a condescending tone that really is not necessary. Also donít take her classes too early in the morning or you will be sorry, and I suggest taking a higher level course with her, as I bet she would be very good if you already know French, but if you are just starting out, you may want a different prof.
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