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February 15, 2019
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Rebecca Lowe

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Positive Comments (3)

Subject: A really good professor!  (Oct 22 2014, 04:12AM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Chem 103 (--)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Her class is so interesting! I HATE chemistry, don't get me wrong, I am an Elementary Education major. Her homework assignments are easy and actually are relevant for the class. The classes are somewhat boring because all she does is go over PowerPoints, but every class we get out at least 15 minutes early. She also gives out reviews that are very helpful for the exams. Also if you need any extra credit she gives out optional assignments that are not that hard. I never had been interested in Chemistry but Chem 103 has changed my mind! The book is even interesting. This is a really good class if you need to take a interesting science class! But be prepared the tests are hard, but if you do the reviews and practice quizzes you should be able to pull out an A or B!
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Subject: Good Prof  (Jan 14 2013, 07:32AM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Chem A Cultural Approach (C+)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 I honestly don't understand how Prof Lowe got any negative ratings like I never showed up to class, barely payed attention and still managed to pull a C+ which clearly could have been better. She's a very understanding teacher, really funny and always gives you the exact material you need to get high grades on her exams. Don't let the negative comments fool you, those were the people that probably never did the reading or studied. Easy class and cool teacher.
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Subject: best gen. ed to take  (Nov 02 2010, 07:22AM)
Student: Anonymous (Marketing)
Class:Chemistry A Cultural Approach (B+)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 First, I would like to say that whoever the idiot was that gave Prof. Lowe the negative comment probably either needs to wake up in class, or start coming to class because nothing in your comment makes any sense at all. This class is one of the easiest gen. eds you will take. The homeworks referred to actually were relevant to what we were doing, and they were so easy that it is impossible not to get a 20/20. As far as the test questions, those structures you were referring to are worth half a point each, and there are like 5 or 6 of them on each quiz...leaving 19 or 20 multiple choice questions that are mostly cultural. Contrary to what the last person said also, the class is about 90% cultural and not mathematical or scientific..you learn about spices, silk, drugs, and freaking witchcraft...the few structures don't even require any math so I don't see where that was coming from. It really is an enjoyable and easy going class if you need to fill up a gen. ed and it just blows my mind so far away when people are completely wrong on reviews because they are usually idiots who don't do work, don't come to class and usually don't know what college is about
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Negative Comments (3)

Subject: Really??  (Mar 28 2012, 12:07AM)
Student: Anonymous (Comm/Journ)
Class:Chem of Cultural Approach (C)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 This is supposed to be an easy gen ed??? yeah right! First of all she makes this class seem like its going to be easy and through out the semester you find out its ridiculously hard for a gen ed. And she makes it seem like she does not care about whether you learn the info or not. There are a bunch of quizzes and home works. The quizzes are not easy at all. She makes you learn every chemical structure under the sun and it's impossible to learn them all. She doesn't even teach you half of the structures or material that are on the final. I highly recommend taking a different prof. She puts way too much emphasis on the structures and makes this gen ed harder than what it should be. The final is cumulative and if you get her as a prof...Good luck
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Subject: She needs to remember its a gen Ed!  (Feb 27 2012, 10:34AM)
Student: Anonymous (English)
Class:Chemistry a cultural approach (B-)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 I was so frustrated with this class. I wanted to get a basic understanding of concepts but it was not easy in her class. She relied a lot on rote memorization which does nothing for me. There were bi weekly quizzes that required a 3 page study guide. Quizzes should make sure you understand the basics and shouldn't require a study guide longer than the ones I get for most midterms and finals!!! She talks like an auctioneer and then quizzes you on the material the next class. I agree with the previous person's comments. Her homework is so stupid and shallow. She doesn't even require you to use academic sources and doesn't use it a lot herself on these assignments; for example we had to watch a video of a firework prank and say why it was dangerous. Why couldn't she give homework that would help reinforce the material for her ridiculous quizzes and tests?? I do not recommend her at all.
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Subject: Ineffective, irrelevant, and inconsistant  (Oct 07 2010, 12:48PM)
Student: Anonymous (Political Science)
Class:Cult Approach to Chem (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 There are several reasons why this professor is a horrible one to have for Cultural Approach to chemistry. Firstly, I think that someone forgot to tell her the name of the class that she was teaching because unlike the majority of the other professors who teach this class, she takes a very scientific and mathematical take on the topics we cover. While she may at times talk about or mention various cultural or historical chemistry, about 90% of her tests include questions that ask what the specific chemical structure of the atoms, or the questions ask about the effects or characteristics of various reactants and products of certain processes. Another thing horrible about this professor is the ridiculous and pointless homework assignments that she assigns. I, personally, enjoy having a little homework assignments and out of class material to work on that would not only help me to enhance my understanding of a subject, but also help to improve my grade. But her assignments were often completely ridiculous because they often required research and work on material unrelated to what was talked about in class or what we were tested on.
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Neutral Comments (1)

Subject: boring  (Oct 28 2010, 12:12AM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Chem a Cultural Approch (B)
 12 of 45 students found this review helpful.

 Class is so boring. All she does is talk about formulas the whole time. You dont even have to show up just skim over the book and powerpoints before tests.
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