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February 17, 2019
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Joseph Catanio
(Management Information Systems(BIS))

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Subject: Terrible. But you are probably stuck with him.  (Jan 13 2011, 10:18PM)
Student: Anonymous (MIS)
Class:Systems Analysis and Design (B)
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 I hated this class for a number of reasons. First of all, he says he doesn't assign pointless homework...he lies. He assigned several assignments that took me a lot of time to complete, but then just decided when it was due that he wasn't going to collect it. Also, he doesn't write his tests until like the night before, so he never really knows what is on them. It is very difficult to prepare because he asked for little details that you would typically not think to look over for an exam, and then you can't really tell what he marked wrong and what he didn't. On my first exam, he took off points for a question that was answered correctly, or at least I thought he did because he put a red X over it and then subtracted points off to the side, but when I questioned him he said that he hadn't marked it wrong. He got a lot of complaints about that first test. He also wastes a ridiculous amount of class time. He will stand up there and type documents, but the guy is a really slow typer. So you are just copying everything he is doing, but it takes him the entire class to type 2 pages, when he could just have it already done and let the students copy. He would waste a lot less time that way. He will also draw the same diagrams like 10 times, even though 1 would be plenty. I spent a lot of time spacing out or chatting on facebook. If he didn't take attendance, I wouldn't have even bothered to attend. But on the other hand, there isn't a ton of individual work. You write one paper, and do several assignments in the beginning of the semester, but that's it. Mostly you work on a group project that spans the entire semester, which was the only good thing about this class, and I hate group work. Make sure you pick a good, reliable group, or you will hate this class even more. If there was any way around it, I would say do not take Catanio. But I'm pretty sure that you have to if you're an MIS major, so just make sure you keep up on the group project, study stupid things that he might only briefly touch on for exams (hopefully he will learn from the first one), and you should do fine. He is also never available, but don't bother going to his office hours. If you do, he will act annoyed and say that you shouldn't be coming without your group (even though you have to split the work), he will not listen to anything you have to say if you try to argue with his grading, so I wouldn't even bother. Good luck!
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