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July 22, 2018
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William Bealing

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Positive Comments (1)

Subject: Satisfyingly Hard  (Jan 21 2013, 10:07PM)
Student: Anonymous ()
Class:Financial Accounting (ACC 200) (B)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 Dr. Bealing was a very through professor. He taught us the way of the financial accounting world, as well as the basic of financial accounting. He showed up to almost every class (except the final) in a full suit (tie clip and all) and he was very formal in the way he addressed us (last name or ma'am/sir). His course material was challenging however. DO NOT take this class expecting an easy A. Go into the class expecting a lot of work. If you give the class the time it needs, you will earn the better grades and his respect. The curve for his tests was always heavy on the C/D/F side. There were less than 10 A's per test. I recommend studying EVERYTHING from the chapters the test is covering. And I mean EVERYTHING. Do the homework. It's not graded, but do it anyway. You will be a step ahead of the game, and when it comes to the test you will have done all the problems previously. Overall, Bealing was a really good professor. He expected a lot of work, but it was the amount that an average person should expect out of a 200 level course. Go in prepared to learn a lot and be prepared to spend a lot of out-of-class time working on it.
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Negative Comments (4)

Subject: SUPER HARD  (Oct 22 2014, 02:42AM)
Student: Anonymous (Management)
Class:Fundamental Accounting (D)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 I have never received below a B in my whole college career(now a senior) except for this class. This is the only class that I have ever had that I would study and study and would still do bad. His class consisted of three exams all weighted at roughly 33%, he did not offer extra credit or anything to help boost your grade if you did poor on an exam. If you do bad on one exam you will be struggling the rest of the semester. He takes his teaching very seriously but unfortunately his tests included multiple choice and that style of testing and it was nothing like what he taught. VERY VERY HARD, don't risk the bad grade take a different professor.
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Subject: Never again  (Nov 26 2013, 08:04PM)
Student: Anonymous (SCM)
Class:Fund200 (B)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 I had respect for him at the beginning of the semester, but as time progressed, I disliked him more and more. I've been studying 15+ each week. The first test I got an 85 and the second test, I got an 86. It's true that his tests get harder and harder. I took the third test a few days ago. It was by far the hardest test I've ever taken at Shippensburg. I'll be lucky to get a C. My QPA is 3.9 but it's going down after this class. Bealing makes the class harder than it needs to be. Avoid him if you can. There are better professors in the accounting department that will provide you extra credit as well as examples from the book that are applicable to the test. On the bright side, he does show up to every class, is never late, and never lets you out early so you'll get yours money worth in this class!
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Subject: The worst professor I've had at Ship   (Feb 21 2013, 12:36AM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:FInancial Accounting (F)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 Whatever you do, do not take Bealing! I don't even know where to start with this guy. His class is made up of only 3 tests. Thats it, nothing else. His teaching style is terrible, I have talked to many Ship students about him and they all either dropped the class or failed it. He doesn't care about you and hes the cockiest professor I have ever had. He expects you to understand all the material before he teaches it. I honestly believe that he just doesn't know how to teach. Having him was one of the worst experiences I have had as a college student. He made me want to switch my major, because he made me hate accounting. But I am not going to let him ruin my experience with accounting, so I am currently taking the class again. I have an A so far and plan on getting an A for the semester. There are other teachers in Ship in the Accounting program that are 100 times more effective then Bealing. So unless you want to waste money, do not take him!!!
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Subject: Tough  (Jan 29 2013, 01:23AM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:fudamental accounting (F)
 12 of 37 students found this review helpful.

 Bealing will go through everything in the book, whether it is only for about ten minutes or two weeks. Then when the test comes every single thing in the book is in the test in some way shape or form no matter how long you went over it in class. He does teach everything effectively and I feel like I learned a lot but there is so many curve balls on the tests that it is very had to pass them (given he failed about a third of his students that didn't already drop him) there were only about 10 students out of all his classes that got a B or higher on all of his tests (out of 120 students). Also there are only three tests two 100 points and a final 125 points, that is it in the entire class.
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Neutral Comments (1)

Subject: Typical business class  (Apr 07 2013, 08:47AM)
Student: Anonymous (Accounting)
Class:ACC 200 (B)
 13 of 38 students found this review helpful.

 He does not take attendance which is the best part about the class. Grades only come from 2 exams during the year and a final. Tests are pretty difficult in my opinion
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